"And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same."
- Marianne Williamson

Partnering to Ignite Excellence

What makes our approach different is that we facilitate the leader’s ability
to Design-for-Success by tapping into a twin-turbo of becoming
Self-Directed AND being Stakeholder Focused.

Executive Coaching

 Sunya Circle™Executive Coaching enables HiPos to become Transformational leaders who propel their teams to be best-in-class. They practice the discipline of ‘Success-by-Design’. Inspirational leadership is all about Authenticity-in-Action. Making the impossible, possible!

Our approach guarantees outcomes based on the ‘9C Conscious Choice’ framework to be self-directed and to regularly seek Feed-forward from key stakeholders.  

Positive psychology (high EQ,  self-esteem and high CQ) provides the bedrock. At the core of the process is Practice3X of winning habits which lead to an ever-upward spiral of ‘Learning-by-Doing’. Effectiveness is ensured by a tight focus on agreed ‘A’ priority leadership growth areas. Flow is achieved by continually raising the bar and a real-time feedback loop to self-adapt.

Team Coaching &
Co-Learning Workshops

Sunya Circle™ Leadership Programs partner with senior leadership to accelerate the bench strength of committed future-ready leaders. Co-ownership of a shared purpose and shared values cultivates a vibrant E+ culture, which engages, enables and energizes toward Execution-excellence. Organization Vitality is the key to exponential growth and sustainable success.

Co-learning workshops are customized to client requirements.  Some examples of recent interventions are:
• Play Free! Break Free!
• Servant-Leadership: Authenticity-in-Action
• Women Leadership in the 21st Century
• Cultural Intelligence (CQ) - Leveraging Diversity in Globally Deployed Teams
• Entrepreneurial Mindset – an imperative
• Effective Communication - the Art of Executive Story-Telling
• Leaders-as-Coaches

Engagements & Webinars

Customized to client-brief.

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